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The Inheritance of Noise in Joburg

Summer J. Robinson, Taylor James, and Sierra Moody published their undergraduate senior capstone projects to share with the world. The stories explore themes of the criminal injustice system, family sacrifice, traveling abroad, connecting across the diaspora, facing fears, and more. After each story, the author shares her craft essay where she explains the process of both coming up with the story idea and piecing it all together.

Discovering Summer Abroad:  
A Teen's Journey to Africa

In 2014 seventeen year-old Summer J. Robinson journeyed on a 25 day trip to Ethiopia and Ghana. A trip she later considered to be a journey of self-discovery. 

Through personal essays and journal entries, Summer recounts her experience traveling throughout the two countries with the purpose of highlighting the beauty and diversity of Ethiopian and Ghanaian history and culture. Her journey helped her realize just how influential media is in shaping people's perceptions about a place and its peoples. 

Stella's Daughter

Stella's Daughter is Atlanta native's Sheila Baltazar's riveting biography written by Summer J. Robinson. Sheila's story shares events from her life that she believes many women will be able to relate to. Having a son at only eleven years-old and losing a stepson to the Atlanta Child Murders tested her faith in innumerable ways. However, through it all she has lived by her parents' philosophy that life will be easy if she maintains her faith. 

Sheila has gone on to give her appearance on networks such as CNN, Dateline, NBC and more due to being a parent of one of the Missing and Murdered Children of Atlanta. 

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